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Welcome to REGION III of the Student National Medical Association - "The TRIFECTA"

Tiffani J Houston, Region III Director, 2015-2017

A hearty welcome to Region III of the Student National Medical Association!!

From the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado all the way down to the bountiful bayou of Louisiana, we represent what is known as "The TRIFECTA". We are comprised of 16 active SNMA chapters and 9 active MAPS chapters that spread across 7 states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, Oklahoma and New Mexico) . "Every great thing comes in three" and our region is nothing less of that expression!Region III is home to a patient population that has unique needs and often ranks highest among most health care disparities. Through grassroots programming and community service, the students, residents, and senior physcians of Region III are truly committed to reversing negative statistics into positive outcomes of well-rounded health.In addition, we hold education, training, and mentoring to the utmost importance. Students ranging from elementary school to 4th year of medical school have the opportunity to be exposed to aspects of the medical profession that exist beyond the classroom and hospital settings. SNMA Region III acknowledges the social determinants of health and is committed to enriching the training of culturally competent and socially concious physicians. Please take a few minutes to explore all of the great things that are going on in Region III and let me know if there is ANYTHING that I can assist you with.Hold on tight! As a member of SNMA Region III, prepare for the ride of your life as we continue to "Diversify the Face of Medicine"!Yours in SNMA,Tiffani J. Houston
Student National Medical Association
Region III Director, 2015-2017
MD/PhD Candidate
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Email: region3director@snma.org

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