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EFT">EFT">The Student National Medical Association is committed to providing up-to-date, purposeful and informative materials to its membership and beyond. Each of our publications seek to educate, enlighten, and enhance our SNMA community. Whether its highlighting the details of ground-breaking research in our weekly news brief the PULSE, compiling SNMA relevant news stories on the Journal of the Student National Medical Association (JSNMA) website, publishing fellowship opportunities in the JSNMA our online quarterly journal publication, or receiving in-depth information from our President in the President's Monthly Report; the SNMA offers its membership several opportunities to come face-to-face with real-time, relevant information. Our publications are great sources for advertising and we invite like-minded and like-spirited entities to consider marketing or advertising opportunities with the SNMA.++ To access the most recent JSNMA, Filling the Gaps with Socially Conscious Physicians, click here.We always recommend membership submissions to the JSNMA ranging from research articles to poetry. If you are interested in learning more about the submission process please visit snma.me/write4jsnma or e-mail jsnma@snma.org.