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The Student National Medical Association works through its local chapters and regions to implement programs that address many important matters in medical education and underserved communities. SNMA members implement innovative programs around the nationin an effort to address health disparities. All SNMA activities, whether on the local, regional, or national level, reflect the 3 parts of our mission.

SNMA supports current and future underrepresented minority medical students
Through our pipeline programs, SNMA provides outreach and recruitment to the medical field to students from grammar school through college through our Pipeline Mentoring Institute. We provide academic resources to help influence the retention of underrepresented minority medical students for successful completion of a rigourous medical education curriculum.

SNMA addresses the needs of underserved communities
It is often said that community service is the heart and sould of the SNMA. Indeed, it is through our community service protocols that our chapters, regions, and national officers outreach populations of need. Our programs include violence prevention, international health, health maintenance and screening, substance abuse, and health advocacy. We are committed to training our members to recognize and address health disparities.

SNMA seeks to increase the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent, and socially conscious physicians
SNMA's recruitment efforts, academic resources, research opportunities, and community programs are a testament to SNMA's committment to ensuring a diverse physician workforce in medical education, research, and public health. The SNMA is Diversifying the Face of Medicine!