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SNMA House of Delegates

House Of Delegates

SNMA is a student-governed organization with more than 6,000 members nationwide and in the Caribbean. The ultimate governing body of SNMA is the House of Delegates (HOD), which is made up of all active SNMA members. The HOD convenes annually at the SNMA National Convention, held in conjunction with the Annual Medical Education Conference, to make important decisions about the organization's direction and declarations regarding health policy and the state of health care. The speaker of the house, assisted by the parliamentarian, presides over the HOD.

Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) is a smaller group of individuals comprised of HOD-elected officers and appointed committee members. The BOD is made up of the following national officers: chairperson of the Board of Directors, president, president-elect, vice president, pre-medical board member, treasurer, secretary, parliamentarian, speaker of the house, ten regional directors, four professional board members, committee chairs, the executive director, and emeritus members. The BOD meets quarterly to make business and policy decisions in accordance with the SNMA Constitution and Bylaws during the period that the HOD is not in session. The presiding officer is the chairperson of the BOD. The BOD reports its actions over the course of the year and puts forth mandated items for HOD approval at the National Convention.


Strategic Planning Council

The Strategic Planning Council (SPC) is made up of elected members and ex-offico members (national president-elect, treasurer, BOD chair, and executive director). The SPC meets to discuss the future direction for SNMA and is responsible for updating the SNMA Strategic Plan and other planning documents, and conducting organizational assessments.