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MAPS Chapters

MAPS Chapters
MAPS Chapters - UVA Chapter Fundraising for the National Marrow Donor Program
MAPS chapters are spread throughout the country at undergraduate institutions around the nation. They are well integrated into SNMA's infrastructure, participating in regional and national events. MAPS chapters are self-governing under the guidance of regional and national bylaws. Several entities within SNMA is dedicated to the needs of pre-medical students.Do you have ideas for a monthly MAPS initiative? If so, send an email to maps@snma.org.

MAPS Monthly Programs

The purpose of this initiative was to engage MAPS students from around the world to come up with ideas on how we can go about unifying MAPS on a National level. Some ideas were:*Official MAPS Start-up kit
*MAPS T-shirt
*Graduation Stoles
*PinsSeptember: National Advocacy Month
All MAPS Chapters were charged with conducting Advocacy events on their campuses. For example: Voter Registration Drives/Inviting a Health Policy Speaker to your meeting. Please send reports/pictures of your event to mapsadvocacy@snma.org.
NOTE: Chapter Report Form (CRF) is due on the 15th.October: National Founding Month
MAPS Chapters were charged with engaging in a social/educational activity with their host SNMA Chapter. Thanks to all the chapters that participated! In addition, your PMBM posted daily SNMA historical facts on her Facebook Page and Twitter Account @SNMAMAPSPMBM. Founding Month Contest(s):
1. What is the region and/or state in which the first MAPS chapter was founded?
2. What year was the first MAPS chapter founded?
Prize: Mens Warehouse Coupon/K&G Fashion coupon
up to one 50 winners!
3. What is the name of the first chartered MAPS chapter?
Prize: Free AMEC Registration
only 1 winner!Post your response(s) on the National MAPS Facebook Page!!!November: National Mentorship Month
Last month, MAPS Chapters had the opportunity to engage in an activity with their host SNMA chapter. We hope that you all were able to establish a relationship and secure a mentor. This month we are all inviting you to pilot DiverseMedicine Inc, an online mentoring program. Please visit their site at: http://www.diversemedicine.org and begin your online mentorship. We will be looking forward to your feedback towards the end of the month. Please address your questions to mentormaps@snma.organd many more.....! If you have additional ideas, please feel free to share them by sending an email to: premedical@snma.org.