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Journal of the Student National Medical Association (JSNMA)

JSNMA is the flagship publication of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), reaching over 8,000 student health professionals, physicians, deans, and executives. As the voice of the SNMA, it serves as an educational, outreach tool that encourages scholarship and creativity amongst upcoming doctors and researchers. JSNMA maintains a quarterly publication calendar with interim content updates providing real-time access to news and information. The journal topics include: medical education, research, health advocacy, career opportunities, community outreach, and cultural competency.


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Upcoming JSNMA Issue

Winter - Defending Diversity in Medicine: Why this Matters in the Trump Era?
Deadline: January 3, 2019, 11:59 PM EST

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Have you...
...read a captivating book discussing social determinants of health?
...developed ideas for balancing social responsibility as physicians?
... seen an interesting case during a clinical clerkship?
...contemplated ways to alter the course of social injustices?
...experienced a clinical encounter that tested your cultural competency?

If so, submit your work to any of our 4 sections!!

Inside SNMA
The Inside SNMA section contains news and information about the organization, highlights both chapter and member accomplishments, suggests ways for members to maximize their SNMA experience, and features SNMA's community involvement both domestically and globally. If you know a SNMA chapter or member accomplishing great things we can highlight, then let us know! You may also submit photographs or videos for consideration by tagging us on social media or using the following hashtags: #SNMA #SNMAServes #SNMAProud

Most JSNMA contributors are medical students sharing their unique perspectives on health education, health care delivery, and service to underserved communities. JSNMA contributors also share experiences from their journey to become a doctor, their encounters while working in the community, and their feelings about socio-political issues facing the nation. Submissions may include letters-to-the-editor regarding previously published articles, editorials, op-eds, or commentary pieces on prominent topics/issues.

The Heartbeat section features articles related to the theme of the current JSNMA issue. JSNMA themes range from preventive medicine and global health to current social and political issues as well as matriculation rates of students of color. Each year, the themes embraced by the JSNMA reflect SNMA's programmatic agenda. The JSNMA remains an active source of information for its readers about issues in medicine and health care that SNMA continues to impact nationwide.

The Scientific Focus
The Scientific Focus section aims to inform readers more about the research community, trends in medicine, and how to become engaged. It serves multiple functions within the JSNMA. First, it provides medical students the opportunity to have their scientific research or writing peer-reviewed and published for a national audience. Second, it provides readers with insight into various career options throughout the medical field. If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer, then please contact jsnma@snma.org.

Submission Guidelines:

All submissions from SNMA members are welcome with a preference for those related to the designated theme. If interested in submitting an advertisement or entry as a guest contributor, then please contact the Editor-in-Chief at JSNMA@SNMA.ORG for details.

JSNMA features a variety of entries including but not limited to:
• artwork
• case reports
• poetry
• book reviews
• photography
• interviews
• commentaries
• research articles

A brief, biography (in third person, .doc/.docx) and professional headshot (.jpg) of the author may be included, each as a separate attachment to the submission email, but are not required. File name for bio and headshot should be [Author's Name]. The inclusion of quotes or photos related to your submission are also welcome, but proof of authorization is required from the respective person(s)/organization if not a citable source, if another individual is in the photo, or if the author did not take the photo. All entries must be submitted to jsnma@snma.org with Cc jsnmaeditor@snma.org for consideration. An email confirming receipt of your submission will be sent within 1 week.

Manuscript Formatting Criteria:

Submissions not meeting the following criteria will not be reviewed

  • Be sure to have had your submission proofread!
  • Arial size 11 font, single spaced, single column format, justified margins, .doc or .docx
  • No contractions (unless in a direct quote or an artistic piece)
  • Research articles shoud include an abstract, with four sections (Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions), not exceeding 300 words.
  • Reference section, if applicable, with a numbered list in Arial size 8 font and numerical superscripts to cite the corresponding references within the text (APA Style)
  • Tables, figures, and panels should be in numerical order according to where the item is cited in the text. Original files of tables and figures should be included in submission.
  • Arial bolded font (any size) for the title followed by [Author's Name], [Author's Title] on the next line and [Author's School] on the following line in Arial size 16 font (for research submissions: name, title; name, title; etc)
Example: Sasha Brown, MPH, MS/OMS III or MD/DO Candidate
Health College of Medicine

  • File named with [Author's Name] _ [Submission Type] in example: Sasha Brown_Commentary/Poem/Case Report/Interview

  • Artwork/photography submissions must be under 50MB and in .pdf .jpg or .png formats