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Journal of the Student National Medical Association (JSNMA)

JSNMA is the flagship publication of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA). As the voice of the SNMA, it serves as an educational and outreach tool to upcoming doctors and researchers. Journal topics include medical education, research, health advocacy, career opportunities, cultural competency and community outreach. As a print publication, JSNMA reached over 8,000 student health professionals, physicians, deans and executives. JSNMA.org includes interactive tools to engage readers in discussion of hot topics and educates about trends in medical education and health care delivery. JSNMA reaches a wide and diverse audience by utilizing its robust social networks. JSNMA maintains a quarterly publication calendar with interim content updates providing real-time access to news and information via laptops and smart phones.

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JSNMA Submission Guidelines:

Article entries are not to exceed 2300 words per submission. All submissions welcome, with a preference for submissions relating to the theme. Submissions can include artwork, photography, book reviews, commentary or opinion pieces, research articles or case reports, interviews, etc. A brief bio and photos (i.e. portrait, personal photos relating to submission, etc.) are welcomed. Please submit all work for consideration to JSNMA@SNMA.ORG with the subject line "JSNMA XXXX (Winter, Spring or Fall) Issue."

JSNMA Formatting Requests:

Word document in Cambria font. Title size 26 centered followed by "By [NAME] [TITLE]" in size 11 font. Body formatted in two columns, size 11 font, justified, 1.15 line spacing. References in body of text beginning with "References: ..." followed by numbered list, size 8 font. No endnotes, please.

Guidelines for Photo Submissions:

Please do not submit photos that are not your own unless you have authorization to use these photos. Any photos that are not self portraits will not be included in your submission if chosen unless there is written authorization to use the photo. If you would like to use photos that are not your own you MUST be granted permission from the organization that has rights to the photo.