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Alumni Affairs

Goals: Establish and maintain a mechanism for exchange of information and support between past members (SNMA "alumni") and current members of the SNMA.

1. Assist the National Headquarters in maintaining the SNMA Residency Database.
2. Encourage continued SNMA membership as "Alumni" as physician/patron members, life members, and through participation in the Alumni 50/50 Club.
3. Assist graduating SNMA members obtain membership into the National Medical Association.

Committee Leadership


Kristen Bailey, MD
Alumni Affairs Co-Chair, 2018-2019

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Osho Azeez, MD
Alumni Affairs Co-Chair, 2018 - 2019

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Announcement & Resources

1. Like our SNMA Alumni Facebook Page and join in on the conversation! Share this link with you friends!

2. Interested in being a part of our alumni subcommittee or serving as a liaison in your institution/city/region? Send us an e-mail at alumniaffairs@snma.org for more information on how you can be involved as an alumni member of the SNMA!

3. Do you have a story to share? Be a part of our 50th anniversary "Remember When" Series! Send funny, insightful, and powerful stories of your SNMA experience to alumniaffairs@snma.org.

4. Residents: We are looking for your help in coordinating our "Mentorship for the Match" for the rising SNMA M4s! If interested in participating, please let us know! Primarily, we are looking for people who would be willing to serve as a mentor or answer questions for medical students who are preparing to enter the match. E-mail us at alumniaffairs@snma.org for more information!