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International Affairs

Goals: Expose members to the international gravity of health care disparities. Emphasize the necessity of approaching health issues in a cultural context and allowing members to appreciate the essential elements of a successful health intervention. Inform the membership of international health opportunities. Educate the membership about international health crises. Provide close oversight for revisions to medical mission trip programming, site selection, and mission statements.

Committee Leadership

Mertalaine Mulatre

Nkiru Osude
International Affairs Co-Chair

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Stequita Hankton
International Affairs Co-Chair

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Greetings SNMA,

Welcome to the International Affairs Committee for the 2016-2017 academic year! This year our focus is on educating members about international affairs through monthly blurbs highlighting health disparities around the world. This is in addition to facilitating medical mission trips that give members the opportunity to practice medicine abroad.

In accordance with the National President Christen Johnson, we hope members will learn cultural humility by traveling to distant countries unlike their own. Through actively adjusting and working in unfamiliar cultures, members will develop skills that allow them to maneuver amongst different populations of people whether abroad or in the United States. Our medical mission trips will provide opportunities to travel abroad with fellow members of SNMA while simultaneously crafting life skills.

If you are interested in partaking in the activities we have planned for this year, join us by completing an Interest Group Application. Additionally, if you have any question or would like to learn more about the International Affairs Committee feel free to email us. Be sure to check out our webpage for updates and announcements!

Yours in SNMA,

Stequita Hankton and Kiki Osude
Student National Medical Association
International Affairs Committee Co-Chairs 2016-2017

Announcements & Resources

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