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Health Policy & Legislative Affairs

Goals: Spearhead SNMA advocacy efforts. Educate members about legislative and policy developments affecting medical education and health care. Seek opportunities to increase the SNMA's voice, brand, and influence in health care and education. Identify key legislation and court cases/decisions in areas, such as medical education, health care reform, and minority and women's health.

Committee Leadership

Debra Dixon (L)
Jessica Isom (R)

Debra Dixon & Jessica Isom
Health Policy and Legislative Affairs Chairs

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Community Engagement Opportunity
Health Care Reform and Marketplace Enrollment

Join the SNMA HPLA Committee in using our collective voice to reach out to those in our community regarding the changes in our health care system and the current ACA insurance enrollment period. Below is an opportunity for student involvement at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Students for a Better Healthcare System

*Students for a Better Healthcare System (SBHS) is a campaign started by health professions students to offer clear, accurate information in our communities about how our health care system works, how it's broken, and what's changing with health care reform.*

Major Goals:
1) Inform people about how they can sign up for affordable health insurance and access quality health care.
2) Start a broader national conversation about future health care reform. We believe that an informed public that understands the problems that we face can be the most effective advocates for a better health care system.

Every chapter can find ways to contribute to the campaign via the SBHS Toolkit found by clicking HERE. We look forward to hearing of your work as the enrollment period continues!

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