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Health Policy & Legislative Affairs

Goals: Spearhead SNMA advocacy efforts. Educate members about legislative and policy developments affecting medical education and health care. Seek opportunities to increase the SNMA's voice, brand, and influence in health care and education. Identify key legislation and court cases/decisions in areas, such as medical education, health care reform, and minority and women's health.

Committee Leadership

Jara A. Crear (L)
Valerie A. Pierre (R)

Jara A. Crear & Valerie A. Pierre
Health Policy and Legislative Affairs Chairs

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EFT">EFT"Greetings SNMA members and friends, It is our pleasure to welcome you to the 2015-2016 administration of the Health Policy and Legislative Affairs committee. We have many exciting things planned for this year and cannot wait for you to join us in better educating our membership about health policy and spearheading the national organization's advocacy efforts!This year, in alignment with the initiatives of National President Kulukulualani, we will be focusing on mental health in regards to our unique mission to support future and current underrepresented minorities in medicine, and address the needs of underserved communities. We plan to address mental health in the aforementioned demographics through workshops at the Regional and Annual Medical Education Conferences, Health Policy and Advocacy grants, and programming at our annual National Advocacy Forum, just to name a few.We also plan to update our national policy statements on police brutality with a more expansive clause on mental health, and create new policy statements with a focus on mental health in underrepresented medical students and underserved communities.We would also like to better connect with our general membership and affiliates through email and the official SNMA social media accounts to keep you all abreast of advocacy efforts and campaigns that may interest you. We will continue to update our YourMembership page periodically as well with the aforementioned advocacy campaigns and committee news throughout the year.If you have a vested interest in health policy as it relates to the mission of our beloved SNMA, please feel free to join us! Once you're registered as a national member, you can fill out the national committee membership application https://www.dropbox.com/s/w0wmnovl3h2jkq8/Committee member application 2015-2016.docx?dl=0" TARGET="_self">here, send it to mailto:vicepresident@snma.org" TARGET="_self">vicepresident@snma.org and mailto:healthpolicy@snma.org" TARGET="_self">healthpolicy@snma.org, and we will be in contact with you. If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding health policy and SNMA, please feel free to contact us at mailto:healthpolicy@snma.org" TARGET="_self">healthpolicy@snma.org.

``Yours in SNMA,

Jara A. Crear and Valerie A. Pierre
Student National Medical Association
Health Policy and Legislative Affairs Committee
Co-Chairs 2015-2016

Announcements & ResourcesDrawing upon our strength and national network, SNMA employs grassroots efforts to ensure the appropriate representation of its members and the inclusion of its mission and vision in the national political discourse. Through efforts coordinated by HPLA, SNMA has developed official policy statements that reflect the opinions and beliefs of its members and the organization as a whole. These statements are continuously being updated/revised along with new statements being added as needed and/or suggested. Please feel free to contact us at healthpolicy@snma.org with any questions, comments, or concerns related to SNMA's official policy statements.

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