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Contribution Options

"50 for 50" - 50th Anniversary Annual Fund Campaign

Support SNMA as we celebrate 50 years of diversifying the face of medicine. Money given for this goes toward creating a truly special AMEC experience never before seen. This is the most flexible means of giving to the SNMA and supports the overall infrastructure of the organization and its future self-sustainment.

Scholarship Fund

This fund was created to fulfill SNMA's goal of assisting minority medical and pr-medical students in the pursuit of a medical degree. The scholarships support the education and commitment of student members and are awarded on an annual basis at the national convention. The criteria for selection include academic achievement, community service, and involvement in SNMA activities.

Headquarters Building Fund

This fund is used for expenses related to the headquarters building in Washington, DC, including mortgage, maintenance, and repair work.

Annual Medical Education Conference

Each year SNMA accepts contributions of supporters and friends in the corporate, institutional, and government sectors to assist the organization in meeting its national conference costs. Such generous support allows us to maintain an affordable registration fee for our participants, while maintaining high-quality programming for our student attendees and guests.

Pipeline Mentoring Programs Support

Contributors create and support national programming for PMEDS, HPREP, and YSEP to encourage and assist minority students to enter the field of medicine. This encompasses the production of advisory resources as well as the creation of educational programs.

Community Service Programs

The purpose for contributing is to support the programmatic agenda of SNMA and provide chapters with financial support in the form of grants to conduct community service activities focusing on health prevention and education. Grant proposals are submitted to the National Community Service Committee and reviewed with input from the regional directors and community service liaisons.

New Initiatives Support

New initiatives are vital components of the organization's growth and development each year. As SNMA takes on a new administration, the leaders re-assess the needs of the body, the individual members, and the community-at-large. Many of the projects, thus, created become part of the long-term programming of the organization. Your insight and support is needed in order to bring these projects to fruition.

International Missions

The SNMA's international initiative allows medical students and collaborating physicians the opportunity to contribute to the process of evaluating, implementing, and strengthening international health systems while providing needed care in developing countries. The SNMA conducted its first international mission to Jamaica, West Indies in June of 1999 and embarked on a follow-up mission in June of 2000. Since the Jamaica mission, we have launched a community-based HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Program in Ada, Ghana, and have begun educational missions to other developing countries.

National Leadership Institute

Contributors help create and further leadership development and training sessions for elected leaders or individuals who desire to become leaders within and outside of the SNMA.