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The Annual Dr. Wilbert C. Jordan Research Forum

The research forum was introduced as part of the SNMA Annual Medical Education program 32 years ago as a means of extending an opportunity to SNMA members to display their scientific competence and to award them for their academic and research accomplishments. Since its inception, more than $155,000 has been awarded to the Forum participants. Support for the Research Forum has come from several individuals, organizations and some corporate entities that are aligned with SNMA's goals and programs. Most notably, the Forum has been consistently supported by generous contributions from the Charles R. Drew University and Dr. Jordan himself.

In 1999, the SNMA House of Delegates voted to name the Research Forum after Dr. Wilbert C. Jordan in honor of his commitment to the SNMA and his significant personal and financial support of the forum. Dr. Jordan is an internationally renowned leader in the research community with a long history of research in infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and small pox. He is especially noted for his research on AIDS in the African American Community. Attesting to the respect Dr. Jordan has earned in his field, he was listed among the top African American physicians in an article in Black Enterprise magazine entitle, "The Doctor is In." In light of the many demands placed on his time, SNMA is truly grateful to Dr. Jordan for his continual support of SNMA and the academic and research accomplishments of its members.

The Research Forum is open to all SNMA student members who have completed research prior to or during medical school. Participants must submit abstracts of their work and prepare a display for presentation during the SNMA Annual Medical Education Conference. For the purpose of judging, all research is divided into Basic Science, Clinical Science, Social Science, and Obesity or Health Complications of Obesity categories. The display material is reviewed and a panel of judges comprised of medical professionals and educators conducts an oral interview with each participant. Monetary awards are given in each of the four divisions in amounts up to $1,000. Award winners are announced during the closing ceremony of the conference on Saturday evening and are publicized in the Journal of the SNMA, on the SNMA website, and in other news formats.

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Congratulations to the 2017 winners!

Courtney Amegashie

Amanda Donald

Graham Mulvaney

Ruth Osho

Ehizele Osehobo

Cordy Scarlett

Ugo Udogwu

Michelle Walls

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