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Goals: Serve as the primary literary body responsible for written distribution of information throughout the SNMA via the Journal of the Student National Medical Association as well as other official SNMA web-based and print publications in order to highlight the scholarly work of our members and increase awareness throughout the SNMA.

Enjoy reading/writing? Got interviewing skills? Want to bring stories to life? Can you edit videos/articles? Got creative ideas to bolster SNMA's social media presence? Want to critique journal submissions?

Then you've come to the right place! We have several, creative projects to suit the unique talents and interests of our members, including the SNMA Pulse, Your Story Matters, Residency Guide, and JSNMA. Joining our committee can help to enhance your skills, strengthen your resume, and establish an opportunity to work alongside other committed individuals striving to make a difference. So join the Publications Committee today and become an instrumental part of this year's theme: Embracing the Diversity of the SNMA!!

Committee Leadership

Sergeine Lezeau
Publications Co-Chair
Editor-in Chief, JSNMA

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Abner Antonio Murray
Publications Co-Chair

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Announcements & Resources

JSNMA is the flagship publication of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), reaching over 8,000 student health professionals, physicians, deans, and executives. As the voice of the SNMA, it serves as an educational, outreach tool that encourages scholarship and creativity amongst upcoming doctors and researchers. JSNMA maintains a quarterly publication calendar with interim content updates providing real-time access to news and information. The journal topics include: medical education, research, health advocacy, career opportunities, community outreach, and cultural competency.

The Publications Committee is proud to present the
JSNMA Winter 2016-2017!
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Have you...

...experienced a clinical encounter influenced by racial bias?
...read a captivating book discussing racial disparity?
...had a mentor full of wisdom on overcoming racial adversity?
...noticed aspects of healthcare where patients are often treated unfairly based on race?

Then we want to showcase your work in the next JSNMA Issue: Addressing Racial Bias in Medicine!!! Space is limited so submit early! Deadline - 11:59pm EST on Sept 30, 2017

Upcoming JSNMA Issues
Winter - The Changing Fate of Healthcare: What About the People?
Deadline - 11:59pm EST on Dec 9, 2017

Spring - Filling the Gaps with Socially Conscious Physicians
Deadline - 11:59pm EST on Mar 10, 2018

Visit JSNMA.org and join SNMA's social networks for submission reminders/tips, interactive tools, and active discussions on hot topics trending in medical education and health care delivery.

Please email us for a copy of the call for submissions or visit snma.me/write4jsnma for submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines:

All submissions from SNMA members are welcome with a preference for those related to the designated theme. If interested in submitting an advertisement or entry as a guest contributor, then please contact the Editor-in-Chief at JSNMA@SNMA.ORG for details.

JSNMA features a variety of entries including but not limited to:

• artwork
• case reports
• poetry
• book reviews
• photography
• interviews
• commentary
• research articles

A brief biography and photo of yourself may be included at the end of your entry but are not required if you wish to remain anonymous. Photos related to your submission are also welcome, but written authorization is required from the respective person(s)/organization if other individuals are in the photo or if you did not take the photo yourself. All entries must be submitted to JSNMA@SNMA.ORG with the subject line "JSNMA XXXX (Fall, Winter, or Spring) Submission" for consideration.

Formatting Criteria

Artwork/photography submissions must be under 50 MB and in .jpg, .png, .gif, or animated .gif format. Entries are not to exceed 2300 words and must in in .doc or .docx. Format the body into two columns (poems are exceptions*) using 1.15 line spacing, justified margins* and Cambria size 11 font. Use size 26 bold font for the title and center it followed by "By [NAME], [TITLE]" on the next line in size 11 font. If applicable, include a section at the end entitled "References:..."folowed by a numbered list in size 8 font. Please do no include endnotes.