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Community Service

Goals: Assist in the implementation and publicity of the SNMA's community service protocols and community outreach efforts. Oversee accurate tracking and documentation of protocols and other projects. Work with and supervise the efforts of individual protocol/initiative coordinators.

Committee Leadership

Jennifer McLeod

Jennifer McLeod
Community Service Co-Chair

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Ciera Sears

Ciera Sears
Community Service Co-Chair

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Announcements & Resources

SNMA Community Service Grant: The SNMA Community Service Grant program provides financial assistance to SNMA local chapters for service efforts. These efforts comply with the mission of the SNMA and are ideally related to national protocols. SNMA cannot fund speaker honoraria, food or travel. Chapters receiving grants will be required to submit a completed evaluation form and document the project within the Chapter Report Form upon completion. Failure to complete either form may jeopardize a chapter's ability to receive funds in the future. Projects may be chosen for presentation at the Annual National Medical Education Conference. The application for the 2014 Fall Grant Application can be fouund here. Deadline for the Fall Grant is December 1st.

It's August which means it is time to participate in the Pipeline Programs Preview.

• SNMA chapters are encouraged to plan & host Pipeline programs throughout the year. August & February serve as opportune times for chapters to develop new & reflect on existing pipeline efforts in their communities.

"The United States needs more doctors, and our nation's medical schools are looking for talented, committed, and caring individuals who want to make a difference. The need for more African American, Latino/a, and Native American doctors is especially important. Today, while these groups make up 25 percent of the population, they account for only 12 percent of U.S. medical school graduates."
-Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)

SNMA is committed to increasing "the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians". In harmony with our mission, we encourage local chapters to develop YSEP, HPREP & PMED programs to provide mentoring, education & guidance to the community's minority students.

  • Youth Science Enrichment Program (YSEP)
 Purpose: Stimulate interest in health & science among elementary & junior high school students.
  • Health Professions Recruitment & Exposure Program (HPREP) Purpose: Expose high school students to activities related to science while introducing them to careers in the health professions.
  • Pre-Medical Minority Enrichment & Development (PMED) Purpose: Provide mentorship to undergraduate & post- baccalaureate students who want to attend medical school.

SNMA chapters are encouraged to partner with local youth organizations, schools, community colleges, undergraduate institutions and post-baccalaureate programs to develop Pipeline programs. More information pertaining to these programs and their development can be found in the SNMA Pipeline Programs Manual, which can be requested from your regional Community Service Liaison or pipeline@snma.org.

• Be sure to apply for an SNMA National Community Service Grant to help support your Pipeline programs.

• Participate in the SNMA Pipeline Mentoring Institute (PMI) by establishing a Pipeline Academy in your community. Recognizing that many of the barriers to greater diversity within the medical profession lie within the elementary school to undergraduate education continuum, the PMI seeks to better prepare minority students for a career in the health professions through sessions on general study skills, standardized test taking skills, science preparation and age-appropriate cultural competency training.


The National Community Service Community presents...

SNMA's 50th Anniversary National Community Service Day:
"Diversifying Medicine: 50 years of Service"

Date: Saturday, October 4th, 2014

Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is a medical student organization dedicated to addressing health issues that affect the underserved community.

Join us on October 4th, 2014, to celebrate SNMA's historic commitment to service.
Organized by the National Community Service Committee, the goal of the SNMA 50th Anniversary National Community Service Day event is to organize a national day of service; encouraging chapters to host a event within one of the following themes:

• Community restoration (park beatification, school/clinic renovation)
• Nutrition
• Fitness
• Health screening/testing
• Health fairs.

The overall goal is to encourage community involvement while promoting health awareness through service.

More details on how your SNMA chapter can participate coming soon!!

Join our Committee
The National Community Service Committee plays a large role in the programmatic aspect of the SNMA. As a result, we are always looking for "extra-hands" to assist us in our goals. Our goals include: assisting in the implementation and publicity of the SNMA's community service protocols and community service outreach efforts, overseeing accurate tracking and documentation of protocols and other projects, and working with and supervising the efforts of individual protocol/initiative coordinators. If you feel as though you can contribute to helping us achieve our goals, please submit the following application, as it is required in order to become an official member of the committee. National Committee Application

AMEC 2015 Community Service Poster Forum
Hosted each year during SNMA's Annual Medical Education Conference, the Poster Forum provides an opportunity to recognize SNMA's continued commitment to community service and the excellent work done by chapters across the nation. Two SNMA chapters and one MAPS chapter will be awarded prizes. More information on the 2015 AMEC Community Service Poster Forum to come soon. Please find the application and guidelines here.

National Community Service Protocols

For ideas on how to participate in each protocol, feel free to utilize our Protocol Handbook.

How Can My Chapter Participate?
SNMA chapters are encouraged to use these protocols on their campuses!
For more information and instructions on how your chapter can participate in SNMA protocols, please email communityservice@snma.org or your regional director (see BOD directory). A Community Service Protocol Training Handbook is available.

Deadlines / Reporting
Each quarter, SNMA chapters are required to submit Chapter Report Forms detailing activities. This helps us seek grants to help the regions and chapters continue service, as well as keep us abreast of SNMA activities nationwide.

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