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Community Service

Goals: Assist in the implementation and publicity of the SNMA's community service protocols and community outreach efforts. Oversee accurate tracking and documentation of protocols and other projects. Work with and supervise the efforts of individual protocol/initiative coordinators.

Committee Leadership

Thayne Dalrymple
Community Service Co-Chair

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Shakirat Salvador
Community Service Co-Chair

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Announcements & Resources

SNMA Community Service Grant Awards:

On behalf of the SNMA National Community Service Committee, we would like to congratulate the winners of the 2014-2015 Communiy Service Grants:

1) Medical Collegeof Wisconsin SNMA
2) Saint Louis University SOM SNMA
3) Southern Illinois University SOM SNMA
4) Yale University SOM SNMA

The winners were announced at the 2015 Annual National Medical Education Conference (AMEC) conference in New Orleans. The committee would like to thank all of the chapters who submitted applications. We applaude every chapter on their committment to service!

AMEC 2015 Community Service Poster Forum

Hosted each year during SNMA's Annual Medical Education Conference, the Poster Forum provides an opportunity to recognize SNMA's continued commitment to community service and the excellent work done by chapters across the nation.

On behalf of the SNMA Natonal Community Service Commitee, we would like to congratulate the winner of the community serivce poster forum:

Southern Illinois University SOM SNMA chapter!

The winning chpater was announced at the 2015 Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC) in New Orleans. The committee would like to thank all the other chapters who presented during the forum. There were amazing projects presented and we hope the presenters enjoyed the experience

Monthly Service Protocol:

It's April which means it is time to participate in Healthy People Health Fairs

PURPOSE:• Empower SNMA members to play a role in improving the health of our nation and our communities in harmony with the Healthy People objectives.
• Provide information about healthy living as well as screenings for common health conditions, like high blood pressure & diabetes, to underserved communities and individuals with limited or no access to health care.

The United States has become increasingly diverse in the last century. According to the 2011 U.S. Census, approximately 32.4 percent of the population currently belongs to a racial or ethnic minority group yet minority communities continue to be plagued by preventable and/or treatable medical conditions – obesity, diabetes, hypertension, HIV/AIDS, etc- most often due to a lack of access to healthcare.

SNMA chapters can host health fairs at a variety of venues- on campus, at a local community center, church, YMCA/YWCA or school. Health fairs provide us with the opportunity to bring healthcare to communities where it is most needed. Along with providing basic health screenings, we can also provide preventive health counseling, health & wellness education and referral to community resources. Opportunities also exist for hosting needle and gun exchanges, CPR demonstrations and other community-specific interventions.
• Ten Tips for Hosting a Successful Health Fair
o Review the Healthy People Health Fairs PowerPoint presentation produced by the National Community Service Committee.
o Start planning early!
o Invite local organizations to host a booth at the fair.
o Solicit participation from the local chapters of the Student National Dental Association (SNDA) & the Student National Pharmacy Association (SNPhA).
o Recruit local fitness organizations (gyms, Yoga & Pilates studios) to give free fitness demonstrations.
o Contact local businesses to solicit donations, which can be raffled off as door prizes.
o Organize a Kids Corner. Activities can include arts & crafts and face painting. Ask your local fire department to bring a fire engine and/or ambulance to the venue.
o Provide healthy snacks for health fair participants.
o Have SNMA members & other volunteers conduct health screenings including BMI, BP, glucose & cholesterol checks. Partner with community physicians to offer counseling services to patients who have abnormal results & no access to healthcare.

*See the Protocol Handbook for some great event ideas!

The 50th Anniversary SNMA Day of Service

Diversifying Medicine: 50 years of Service

October 2014

The October 2014 Day of Service celebrations were a success!

Thank you to all the SNMA and MAPS chapters who helped celebrate SNMAs 50th anniversary and historic commitment to service! Chapters across the nation participated in community service projects ranging from walking for heart diesase, feeding the community, and buidling homes for those in need!

To see SNMA and MAPs members in action, take a look at our SNMA Facebook, new official SNMA instagram page, and the National Community Service Committee twitter account.

Join our Committee
The National Community Service Committee plays a large role in the programmatic aspect of the SNMA. As a result, we are always looking for "extra-hands" to assist us in our goals. Our goals include: assisting in the implementation and publicity of the SNMA's community service protocols and community service outreach efforts, overseeing accurate tracking and documentation of protocols and other projects, and working with and supervising the efforts of individual protocol/initiative coordinators. If you feel as though you can contribute to helping us achieve our goals, please submit the following application, as it is required in order to become an official member of the committee. National Committee Application

National Community Service Protocols

For ideas on how to participate in each protocol, feel free to utilize our Protocol Handbook.

How Can My Chapter Participate?
SNMA chapters are encouraged to use these protocols on their campuses!
For more information and instructions on how your chapter can participate in SNMA protocols, please email communityservice@snma.org or your regional director (see BOD directory).

Deadlines / Reporting
Each quarter, SNMA chapters are required to submit Chapter Report Forms detailing activities. This helps us seek grants to help the regions and chapters continue service, as well as keep us abreast of SNMA activities nationwide.