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Committee Leadership

Chidimma Acholonu
Community Service Co-Chairperson

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Kethelyne Beauvais
Community Service Co-Chairperson

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Community Service

WELCOME to the National SNMA Community Service Committee webpage! Our leadership team is glad to have you stop by. Here, you will find plenty of information and resources regarding who we are, the events we are hosting, and ways to get involved. If you cannot find something you are looking for, please keep scrolling! If you have reached the end and still cannot find it, do not hesitate to check back here regularly or email us at communityservice@snma.org. To donate to the national community service fund, please click here.

Our Goals are to assist in the implementation and publicity of the SNMA's community service protocols and community outreach efforts, oversee accurate tracking and documentation of protocols and other projects, work with and supervise the efforts of individual protocol/initiative coordinators and regional community service liaisons.

Join our Committee

The National Community Service Committee plays a large role in the programmatic aspect of the SNMA. As a result, we are always looking for "extra-hands" to assist us in our goals. Our goals include: assisting in the implementation and publicity of the SNMA's community service protocols and community service outreach efforts, overseeing accurate tracking and documentation of protocols and other projects, and working with and supervising the efforts of individual protocol/initiative coordinators. If you feel as though you can contribute to helping us achieve our goals, please click on the "Join this Committee" icon above to take the first step in becoming an active member of the Community Service team.

Click on this image for the #StepswithSNMA Google Form

Click HERE for the #StepswithSNMA Google form. Submit your steps weekly by completing the Steps with SNMA Google Form. Help create a healthier community! Which region will have the most steps?

Registration for the webinar has passed.

Registration for the Founder's Day webinar has passed. Please email us or your community service liaison for more information.
Click HERE for the #StepswithSNMA Google form. Submit your steps by completing the Steps with SNMA Google Form.

Upcoming Event(s):

1) Founder's Day Webinar
Thursday, October 4th, 2018
Registration has closed.

2) Month of Service, #FoundersDayFun, #FoundersMonthFun, #SNMAServes, #StepswithSNMA
All of October
This is your chance to show the amazing service that your chapters are doing in honor of our wonderful organization's birthday on October 4th! Post to social media using the hashtag (or email us subject line) #FoundersDayFun. We want your pictures/ boomerangs/videos. But get as creative as you want! We also want your art/poetry/stories from these events. You can also post throughout the entire October Month of Service using the hashtag #FoundersMonthFun and can always add #SNMAServes, if your chapter would like.

3) #NameThisEvent, #SNMAServes
All of November
This is a fun social media contest for local/regional chapters. Your chapter posts pictures/art/poetry/stories from an event to social media, and your followers (or members) come up with creative titles for each event just based on whatever clue you post! Chapters can then pick a favorite caption and let your followers know in whatever way you'd like. Prizes and #SNMAServes additional hashtag optional.

4) Fall 2018 Service Grant Applicaitons DUE
Saturday, December 15th, 2018
Please email your completed applications to communityservice@snma.org with the subject line "Fall 2018 CSC Grant Application." More details below.

5) #CaptionThat, #SNMAServes
All of December
Caption contest- chapters and historians upload one key picture from their event and followers have to caption it. Feel free to include #SNMAServes hashtag to your posts as well!

6) #SNMAServes, #SNMASnapshot
January - March
#SNMAServes: upload your most creative boomerangs/ vine-style clips of community service projects
#SNMAShapshot: Snapchat- Share your service on Snapchat. Feel free to also include #SNMAServes!

7) Monthly Service Protocols
All year
See the monthly-themed service events below! Feel free to complete the protocol in another month if that is more suitable for your chapter.

Announcements & Program Resources


Celebrate Founder's Day (October 4th) and Founder's Month (all of October) through Service! Showcase your chapter's service on all social media platforms using the hashtags #FoundersDayFun #FoundersMonthFun #SNMAServes!

Kick Off Founder's Day with a Webinar on October 4th at 7:00PM EST on different service activities your chapter can participate in, such as the #StepswithSNMA Challenge and other ways you can get involved! Register HERE today!

To access the #StepswithSNMA google form please click HERE: Steps with SNMA Google Tracking Form

For more detailed information about what service events to participate in, how to get involved, and the other programmatic details, please read the following document: Detailed Founder's Month Information

Still have Founder's Month questions? Contact your regional community service liaison, your regional director, or email us at communityservice@snma.org!


**Newly Released

Our 2018 - 2019 Theme, Inspired by the 2018-2019 National President's Agenda, Is: "Empowering the Underserved Through Health Equity."

2018 - 2019 Protocol Handbook: Protocol Handbook

2018 - 2019 Protocol Introduction Presentation: Protocol Presentation

How Can My Chapter Participate?
SNMA chapters are encouraged to use these protocols on their campuses!
For more information and instructions on how your chapter can participate in SNMA protocols, please read the above Protocol Handbook and/or Presentation, contact your regional community service liaison, your regional director, or email us at communityservice@snma.org.

Deadlines / Reporting
Each quarter, SNMA chapters are required to submit Chapter Report Forms detailing activities. This helps us seek grants to help the regions and chapters continue service, as well as keep us abreast of SNMA activities nationwide. Submission deadlines are as follows: July 15th, October 15th, January 15th and April 15th.


Fall 2018 service grant applications are now open! You can find the application here. Applications are due December 15th.

The purpose of the SNMA Community Service Grant Program is to encourage local chapters to develop student-initiated service projects. By providing financial assistance to our chapters, this program aims to increase participation in community service across the nation. Chapter projects should comply with the mission of the SNMA and should ideally seek to fulfill the National Health Education & Disease Prevention and Pipeline Programs Service Protocols. Any chartered SNMA chapter is eligible to apply. Up to two (2) chapters will be selected as recipients of a monetary award to aid their efforts.