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The Regional Executive Board is responsible for the corporate, legal and financial components of Region III. The Board conducts the business and affairs of the region between meetings of the Regional voting assembly, provides leadership to the region, and supports the work of the individual chapters of the region.

The Board is made up of student officers elected by the Regional voting assembly at the Annual Medical Education Conference or appointed by the regional director as dictated by the Regional Bylaws.

Region III Executive Board 2018-2019

Regional Director
Sasha Ray

Asst. Regional Director West
Vanessa Norris

Asst. Regional Director East
Phylicia Gawu

Regional Treasurer
Adrienne Walker

Regional Secretary
Marian Fagbemi

Regional MAPS Liaison West
Yakira Alford

Regional MAPS Liaison East
Kemmian Johnson

HPLA Liaison
Damien Roland

Community Service Liaison
Denisha Thomas

Diversity Research Liaison
Jared Vaughn

Premedical Board Member
Arham Siddiqui

Evan Wright

Region III