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General links and resources that have been determined to be useful to the SNMA Region. We hope you find these as useful as we do and please feel free to contact the Regional Secretary if you have some resources to recommend.

Region IX Partners

The Association of American Medical Colleges

Explore Health Careers

Empire State Medical Association

American Association of Osteopathic Colleges

American Academy of Physician Assistants

Cuban Medical School Exchange Program

American Dental Education Association

National Committees

We encourage you to join one of the following committees - your participation will lead to the growth and evolution of our beloved SNMA.

Academic Affairs - http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=20
Goals: Develop and maintain SNMA resources designed to assist members in their educational endeavors. Keep members abreast of changes in national medical education. Maintain a resource handbook of internships, fellowship/research opportunities, research electives, and scholarships. Email : academicaffairs@snma.org

Alumni Affairs - http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=243
Goals: Establish and maintain a mechanism for exchange of information and support between past members (SNMA "alumni") and current members of the SNMA.Objectives: 1. Assist the National Headquarters in maintaining the SNMA Residency Database. 2. Encourage continued SNMA membership as "Alumni" as physician/patron members, life members, and through participation in the Alumni 50/50 Club. 3. Assist graduating SNMA members obtain membership into the National Medical Association. Email alumniaffairs@snma.org

Community Service http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=16
Goals: Assist in the implementation and publicity of the SNMA's community service protocols and community outreach efforts. Oversee accurate tracking and documentation of protocols and other projects. Work with and supervise the efforts of individual protocol/initiative coordinators.
Email : communityservice@snma.org

Convention planning http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=167
Goals: Serve as the primary logistical and program organizers of the 2015 Annual Medical Education Conference in New Orleans, LA while keeping the Board of Directors and Headquarters Staff informed of all progress. Work in conjunction with other key National Committee and Executive Committee members to coordinate conference plenary sessions and fundraising efforts. Form and oversee convention-planning subcommittees, to be composed of local SNMA membership.
Email: convention@snma.org

Diversity research - http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=21 Email : bfree09@gmail.com/ diversity@snma.org
Goals: Serve as the research assessment committee to further the work efforts of the SNMA in addressing the need for increased support for and investment in underrepresented minority premedical students, medical students and future physicians. In particular this committee is dedicated to increasing the amount of research specifically reflecting the experiences and concerns of minority medical students, while contributing important data with which to strengthen arguments supporting the need to achieve racial parity in the physician workforce. Additionally, this committee works cooperatively with the Physician-Researcher Initiative Fellow and is charged with the oversight of two of SNMA 's longstanding research programs:

Dr. Wilbert C. Jordan Research Forum - http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=199
Dr. David E. Satcher, MD, PhD Research Fellowship - http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=198

Election - http://www.snma.org/elections_committee.php
Goals: The SNMA Elections Committee is composed of the National President-Elect, National President, National Vice President, National Immediate Past President and Speaker of the House of Delegates (HOD). The main function of the Elections Committee is to encourage and educate SNMA members interested in running for nationally elected and appointed positions as well as ensure that the elections are a just process.
Email - presidentelect@snma.org

External Affairs : http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=22
Goals: Address issues concerning SNMA's interaction with other organizations. Improve the public awareness of SNMA through media, collaborations with external organizations, and other mechanisms. Advise SNMA liaisons and coordinate their external communication efforts on important current SNMA initiatives, programs, and policy positions. Email: externalaffairs@snma.org

Finance - http://www.snma.org/finance_committee.php
Goals: Serve as the primary committee addressing the financial needs and growth of the organization. Provide guidance to the Board of Directors on matters related to income and expenditures for current operations, and for recommending future fiscal objectives. Email: treasurer@snma.org

Health Policy & legislative Affairs - http://www.snma.org/health_policy_and_legislative_affairs.php
Goals: Spearhead SNMA advocacy efforts. Educate members about legislative and policy developments affecting medical education and health care. Seek opportunities to increase the SNMA's voice, brand, and influence in health care and education. Identify key legislation and court cases/decisions in areas, such as medical education, health care reform, and minority and women's health. email : healthpolicy@snma.org

Internal Affairs - http://www.snma.org/internal-affairs.php
Goals: Seek ways to ensure efficiency in BOD operations. Address issues sensitive to the internal operations of SNMA. Assist the Chairperson of the Board of Directors and the National President in handling National Headquarters operations. Monitor the progress and growth of the organization as a whole. Ensure SNMA's compliance with protocols and national documents. Email : internalaffairs@snma.org

International Affairs - http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=24
Goals: Expose members to the international gravity of health care disparities. Emphasize the necessity of approaching health issues in a cultural context and allowing members to appreciate the essential elements of a successful health intervention. Inform the membership of international health opportunities. Educate the membership about international health crises. Provide close oversight for revisions to medical mission trip programming, site selection, and mission statements. Email: international@snma.org

MAPS - http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=164
Goals: Serve as an extension of the Pre‐Medical Board Member. Works with the National President and the Pre-Medical Board Member to expand the pre-medical audience through outreach, event planning, speaking engagements, and information distribution. Come out and be the VOICE and guiding FORCE for minority pre-med students across the nation. Email : premedical@snma.org

Membership - http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=57
Goals: Respond to membership needs. Inform membership of available membership benefits. Document the history of the SNMA. Ensure SNMA membership reflects the ethnic diversity in U.S. medical schools. Devise the delegate apportionment formula, and staff the delegate certification booth at the national convention.Email: membership@snma.org

Osteopathic School - http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=27
Goals: Formally integrate the osteopathic focus into SNMA operations. Address the concerns and needs of osteopathic members. Educate medical and undergraduate students about osteopathic medicine. Email: osteopathic@snma.org

Publication - http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=168
Goals: Serve as the primary literary body responsible for written distribution of information throughout the SNMA via the Journal of the Student National Medical Association and other official SNMA web-based and print publications. Email: publlications@snma.onmicrosoft.com

Physician Research Initiative (PRI) - http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=169
The vision of the SNMA states that the organization is dedicated to increasing the number of minority faculty at US medical institutions; however, our current method of attempting to address this deficit is not a program of action but of passivity. We rely on the fact that inherently some SNMA members will become medical school faculty by their own design and since they are SNMA members we claim them as our contribution. The aim is to actively tackle this issue through the development of infrastructure and opportunities that encourage the entrance of SNMA members into Physician Researcher pathways. In order to encourage entrance into academic medicine, the Physician-Researcher Initiative was established. Since its start in 2007, the PRI seeks to educate the SNMA membership about careers in academic medicine and to establish a network of mentors in addition to mentoring opportunities that will initiate and enhance students' research experiences. To help achieve this NIH-funded initiative, an educational track is offered each year during AMEC.

There are three areas of focus:

Expand a list of research opportunities;
Establish a mentoring program for students interested in academic medicine; and,
Educate the membership regarding academic medicine via articles in the Journal of the SNMA (JSNMA) as well as seminars at the Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC).
Pipeline mentorship Institute - http://www.snma.org/index.php?pID=170
Recognizing that many of the barriers to greater diversity within the medical profession lie within the continuum of elementary through undergraduate education, the Pipeline Mentoring Institute (PMI) seeks to close the gap in preparing URM students for a career in medicine and other health-related professions. Specifically, the PMI focuses on: Improving general study skills, Improving standardized test taking skills and science preparation, Establishing pipeline programs, Promoting age appropriate, cross-cultural competence and experiences. Email: pmi@snma.org

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