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National Headquarters

SNMA National Headquarters

SNMA's National Headquarters (HQ) is located in Washington, DC. The HQ staff is comprised of the executive director, professional staff and volunteers. The executive director is responsible for the daily operations of SNMA and works closely with the chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Staff - (meet the staff)

  • Jacquelyn L. Lendsey, Executive Director
  • Annette McLane, Associate Director of Programs and Conference Services
  • Marlene Sherrill, Ph.D., Associate Director of Membership Services
  • Cynthia Bell, Marketing Consultant
  • Marcus McNeil, Administrative Assistant

George Dines Fellows
  • Charlotte Gamble, Health Policy & Advocacy
  • Ross McMillan, B.A.S.E Programs
  • Robert Trevino, Pipeline Mentoring Institute

Telephone: (202) 882-2881
Fax: (202) 882-2886

SNMA National Headquarters
5113 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20011


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