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Investing in SNMA

2016 SNMA Graduates
Since 1964, the SNMA has been the leading organization in promoting increased enrollment and retention of minority medical students. Our signature pipeline programs are designed to ensure that future generations of medical graduates are not only diverse, but culturally competent.When you support the SNMA mission, you are investing in the future!SNMA plays a vital role in continuing to fill the ranks of professionals equipped to address health care concerns. SNMA's dedication to producing diverse and culturally competent physicians fuels its service to medically underserved communities. These communities may currently constitute the minority of the overall population but make up the majority of individuals struggling to maintain good health. Our service programs seek to positively affect major health care threats to these communities.Your support empowers our organization to continue implementing programs that will change and diversify medicine and, as a result, benefit underserved communities and society at large. As a student association, SNMA relies upon generous donors to both continue and strengthen its efforts. In return for your generous support, we offer visibility and acknowledgment consistent with your level of giving.**SNMA is also a registered non-profit and public charitable organization and donations are tax-deductible within the limits of the law.

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