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Become an SNMA Leader

2011 Board of Directors
SNMA provides a wonderful opportunity for any member to become a national officer. Each year, members are elected to the Board of Directors (BOD) for the upcoming administrative year. SNMA national officers take on the challenging, but fulfilling, task of running the business of the SNMA. This experience prepares SNMA members to be the leaders of tomorrow in other professional organizations. Being a national SNMA officer offers the following experiences:
• National programming
• Non-profit business management
• Budgeting and financial management
• Strategic planning
• Leadership training
• and so much more!!!Apply to be a National Officer Today!
Please read all of the instructions before completing the application. Please feel free to contact the National President-elect with any questions. We look forward to your leadership!Eligibility and Requirements
To be eligible for a national office, you must be a current SNMA member. Elections take place at the Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC). Candidates for office should plan to be present at AMEC from Thursday to Sunday after 2:00 p.m.To be considered, all eligible candidates must submit a completed application and all required supporting documents no later than the deadline indicated:
• National Officer Application
• Letter of Intent
• Letter of Good Academic Standing
• Curriculum Vitae
• Letter of support or recommendation
• Any other required documents
Officer PositionsHouse of Delegate (HOD) elected offices include:
• President-elect
• Vice President
• Pre-medical Board Member
• Parliamentarian
• Speaker of the House of Delegates
• Professional Board Members
• Strategic Planning Council Member (must have previously served on the Board)
Board of Directors (BOD) elected offices include:
• Chairperson of the Board of Directors (must have been a voting BOD member previously)
• National Treasurer
• National SecretaryCommittee Chairs are appointed by the President and include:
• Academic Affairs
• Community Service
• Convention Planning
• Diversity Research
• External Affairs
• Health Policy and Legislative Affairs
• Internal Affairs
• International Affairs
• Membership
• Osteopathic Schools
• Publications