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From the President

Courtney Johnson - SNMA President


I am ecstatic to be serving you through leading our great organization as your National President for the 2016-2017 administration. As we begin to prepare for the 50th anniversary of our independence, we are working to execute "Lighting the Way with SNMA: The Charge of Equity for All," a collection initiatives centered around the needs our community as well as each and every one of you. We will further our mission, support our members and our leaders, further our connections with the community, and grow in our pledge to fighting health disparities. These themes, paired with a spirit of celebrating the foundation that our history has given us, will flow throughout our Annual Medical Education Conference held April 12-16, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. This year, my SNMA family, is sure to be a dynamic year!

While we train as medical professionals, it is imperative that we remember that our medical training can only touch 20 percent of the causes of health disparities. The other 80 percent of these causes stem from socioeconomic disparities for which we must take a stand and work to further advocate for our patients. Our programming will focus on making sure that we have the support that we need, to not only become culturally competent, socially conscious, and clinically excellent physicians, but that we have the tools to be successful at each turn along the way. There will be opportunities for mentorship, both research and special interest fellowships, and leadership development. With our upcoming partnerships and programs, there is something for everyone at the local chapter, regional and national levels.

I invite you, SNMA family, to get involved this year and leave your mark on the SNMA. Whether through organizing at the chapter level, planning programming on a national committee, or helping your colleagues after class each and every member plays a vital role in Lighting the Way! I look forward to all that the upcoming administration has in store for us as we continue to "Diversify the Face of Medicine."

Yours in SNMA,

Christen Johnson
National President 2016-2017

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